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Perinatal counselling

I specialise in working during the perinatal period - that is, from the earliest days of pregnancy and through early parenthood. 

Becoming a parent is a transformative experience, but at times the journey can feel far from smooth. It is common to experience a range of emotional difficulties during this time including: 

  • Depression and/or anxiety

  • Mixed feelings about becoming a parent

  • Intrusive or distressing thoughts about your baby

  • Fears about childbirth, or recovery from a difficult or traumatic birth experience

  • Difficulties with early bonding. 

It may also be that becoming a parent has bought up powerful memories from your own childhood, fears about repeating experiences with your children that felt damaging to you as a child, or concerns about whether you really feel ready to become a parent. Previous experiences of loss in pregnancy, relationship problems, as well as any difficulties conceiving, can also have an enormous impact on how you feel at this time. 

Baby's Grasp

Counselling at this time gives you the opportunity to consider the emotional impact of becoming a parent and what it means to you as an individual. I give you the space to openly and gently explore your experience, helping you to gain understanding that will support you through the early stages and beyond. 

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